Philobiblon: The Dan Brown embarrassment

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Dan Brown embarrassment

I got rid of my copy of the Da Vinci Code by the simple expedient of leaving it in Australia, with someone else who wanted to read it (so environmentally sound recycling), but London By London has a suggestion for those who haven't been able to avail themselves of such an opportunity to remove the embarrasssment from their bookshelves.

"LbL is giving you a chance to unburden yourself of your Dan Brown trash-lit guilt by swapping any old dog-eared Dan Brown book for a shiny LbL one [the old edition of their guide, which has been supplemented by a new one]. Free. Gratis. No catches. No questions asked. No judgements made. Just hand over Brown and we'll give you LbL."

I thought it was rather clever - unfortunately I haven't got one to swap, or I would.



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