Philobiblon: You know you are getting old when ...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

You know you are getting old when ...

... after spending a whole day pulling together the paperwork for your tax return, you think: "Next year I will organise this better", then a second later think "who am I kidding? Of course I'll continue to file the papers in a heap on the floor for months at a time. I always have."

Still, I rewarded myself by going to see the RSC's The Crucible (brilliant - report later today) and strolled home through the West End enjoying the emergence of the rituals of the spring mating season (even if the weather still isn't co-operating). The provincial flocks in their best new denims were pouring out of Les Mis on to the tour buses that had entirely blocked Shaftesbury Avenue, while outside the nightclub near Oxford Circus Tube, a chorus of pavement T-shirt-sellers had set up a melodious version of "Skinny, Hoodie, Skinny, Hoodie" for a band whose name I couldn't quite read upside down.


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