Philobiblon: The Carnival of Feminists No XII ...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Carnival of Feminists No XII ...

... is now up on Written World, and it takes the event to a whole new world. Ragnell stepped aside to allow a woman from another planet, indeed perhaps another universe, to run the show - Star Sapphire, "Sovereign of the Planet Zamaron, President of Ferris Aircraft, Super-Villainess, Much Maligned Strawfeminist, Recurring Green Lantern Antagonist, the Killer of Katma Tui". From that, you might gather, this is a carnival unlike any that has been before.

Despite her "foreign" origins, Star Sapphire is up with all of the latest feminist issues, from the Duke rape case to women in Zambia stepping into politics, but you'll also find a feminist analysis of topics that mightn't usually jump to your attention, from the hair colour of cartoon characters to the models they provide for young girls.

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