Philobiblon: The anti-4x4 campaign has a success

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The anti-4x4 campaign has a success

THANDIE NEWTON, the British star of Crash, the Hollywood hit film, has become a crusader against gas-guzzling cars after a Greenpeace activist slapped stickers on her 4x4 accusing her of adding to global warming.
This week, Newton, 33, will make her support for the anti-emissions campaign public by writing to fellow Hollywood stars and other celebrities who drive such vehicles, asking them to join her in switching to greener forms of transport.

One solution to this problem is to make these dinosaurs in cities profoundly unfashionable; to make their ownership symbolic of ignorance and irresponsibility. (Which of course it is.)
OK, that's the bit of good news I've found for the day. In Zimbabwe, the situation is going from bad to worse - as shown by the rate of discarded babies being found around the city. (Warning, quite graphic story, complete with an astonishing quote from a quasi-official figure about how they block the plumbing...)
Then, with Tony Blair (soon may he go, although from the Green Party perspective perhaps not until after the local election - he is so good for our campaign) seemingly wedded to nuclear power, a timely story on the anniversary of Chernobyl: the BRITISH farmers who still have to get their stock checked with a Geiger counter before they can take them to market.


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