Philobiblon: The Carnival of Feminists makes the mainstream media

Friday, March 31, 2006

The Carnival of Feminists makes the mainstream media

Finally, a mainstream media article that gets beyond Belle Du Jour as a female blogger - indeed to the Carnival of Feminists. Kira Cochrane in the Guardian today explores the phenomenon of feminist blogging, and, yes, I do get in a quote or two as founder of the carnival. Others mentioned include Feministing, Bitch PhD, the F-word, Pandagon, AngryBlackBitch, MindtheGapCardiff and Gendergeek.

I've made all of those links, because the Guardian didn't. It's probably the single most web-friendly newspaper in the world, but it still has some way to go...

(Thanks to Clare on The Ninth Wave who drew my attention to it.)


Anonymous Chameleon said...

There is hope yet! Well done, Natalie for the well-placed quotes! Glad that you included the links to all those excellent blogs here, as it was indeed a curious omission on the Guardian's part.

3/31/2006 04:22:00 pm  
Anonymous blue girl said...

Congrats to you and all the other feminist bloggers!

I've really been enjoying your blog, by the way. Sorry I've just been lurking...

4/01/2006 10:32:00 pm  

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