Philobiblon: America's Export of Hate-full Fundamentalism

Friday, March 10, 2006

America's Export of Hate-full Fundamentalism

A British nurse whose work in sexual health has been nationally recognised has been personally targetted by anti-abortion campaigners.

Hours before Sue Bush, 52, was named Nurse of the Year for her work in sexual health and abortion services on Wednesday, her home address was sent out across the country by UK LifeLeague.
The militant group, which is under police surveillance for inciting public harassment, described the nurse as “a cold-hearted baby murderer” who should be put in prison. It also sent out a picture of an aborted foetus and called on its supporters to contact her at home.
Ms Bush, a gynaecology nurse, was honoured by Patricia Hewitt, the Health Secretary, for her work to help women to cope with the stress of undergoing an abortion. A unit set up by the nurse at King’s College Hospital, in South London, has been praised for reducing the systemic problems encountered when trying to have a pregnancy terminated.

Except of course it would be descending to their level, it would be very tempting to research the people behind this, then target them the same way ...

And of course America likes to say nasty things about the human rights records of Iran and Zimbabwe, but amazing how often it lines up with them in international arenas - one might call it the "axis of fundamentalists".

At the end of January, these homophobic nations voted to keep the two groups from participating in the Economic And Social Council (ECOSOC), the only body at the United Nations that allows nongovernmental organizations to distribute materials and observe its meetings. This privilege is known as "consultative status" and, of the 2,700 groups that enjoy it, not one of them is an organization working exclusively for queer human rights.
Evidently, the groups' attempt to join the conversation wasn't even worth discussing. Rather than letting the groups present their case to the council, their applications were rejected out of hand and without review, a move the Associated Press called "almost unprecedented."


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