Philobiblon: Carnival time

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Carnival time

First up importantly, the first Radical Women of Color Carnival is up now on Reappropriate ... Among the items that particularly appealed to me were an insider view on women and the Koran, a critique of the Pocahontas myth, and, within the carnival itself, an horrific account of the fate of "comfort women" at the hands of the Japanese army.

Secondly, don't forget, you've got about three hours to get in your nomination for guaranteed consideration for the next Carnival of Feminists, which will be up on Gendergeek on Wednesday. (But if you missed the deadline and have a great post anyway by all means shoot off an email to emma AT gendergeek DOT org.)


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hey--thanks so much for your support with the means a lot...brownfemipower

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