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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weekend reading

* The market for organic food, cosmetics and clothing is becoming mainstream. Broadly to be applauded, but the trick is going to be maintaining regulation and ensure that organic "factory farming" and the mulitnationals, which would destroy many of its environmental and social benefits, don't take over.

* Even The Economist has decided declining populations might not be a bad thing.

* Radio 4's Broadcasting House is, as I write, playing a Fifties-sounding song called "Goodbye Charlie ... cashing in his chips". Yes, Charles Kennedy, as I predicted yesterday, has resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats. I wasn't perhaps expecting it to only take six hours from the time I wrote - but Kennedy's failure to resign immediately has done, I suspect, a lot of damage to the Lib Dems. I suspect bar-takings in Westminster may be seriously down for the next week or two.

* Simon Jenkins (for whom I have much respect as a columnist) is, however, showing his age, in this piece on computers and "dead tree" newspapers. Interesting that he feels the need to assert that they will survive.


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