Philobiblon: Too little water, too much carbon dioxide

Monday, January 30, 2006

Too little water, too much carbon dioxide

One of the topics discussed at yesterday's Camden Greens AGM (on which hopefully more soon) was the world's second problem commodity, water. Topically, it turns out, since the England and Wales are facing their worst drought in 75 years.

One the first problem commodity - fossil fuels - there is also more bad news today, with a report saying there is "only a small chance of greenhouse gas emissions being kept below 'dangerous' levels.

Yet it might not, quite, be too late:

On the other question asked at the 2005 conference - what are the options for avoiding dangerous concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere - the report says that technological options to reduce emissions do exist.
It concludes that the biggest obstacles to the take up of technologies such as renewables and "clean coal" lie in vested interests, cultural barriers to change and simple lack of awareness.

So I'm going to try to do my bit. I signed up to be a Green candidate for the Regent's Park ward in the Camden Borough elections in May. At least I'll be able to say I tried.


Blogger Mimi said...

Good luck on the election. Were I eligble to vote in your area, or lived in the same country as you, you'd have my vote!

1/30/2006 09:48:00 pm  
Blogger Natalie Bennett said...

Thanks! A virtual vote is good for morale, at least.

1/31/2006 10:16:00 am  

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