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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Observer women's mag: Don't raise your hopes

... if you were thinking "oh I must but the Observer on the Weekend for its new "classy" women's magazine, you're probably going to be disappointed: the promotional front page consists of an apparently naked model with a strategically placed expensive handbag, with a body shape unlike that of any real woman you've ever seen. And the subject? Body hair.

And more depressing news from Australia, in the wholly political campaign against RU-486, the abortion-inducing drug. The religiously inspired campaigners are using the excuse of medical complications - of course these are possible, but then I believe there are the odd few with pregnancy too.


Blogger Helen said...

And check out the shoes the model's wearing. I like Twisty Faster's take on it:

...above the waist the Dallas woman says, “come near me and I will rip your face off,” but her idiotic shoes say “I adopt this crippling footwear as an homage to male fantasy and, in compliance with the will of patriarchy, to express my submission to the feminine construct and the possibility that I will blow you if you’re rich enough.”

A bit more longwinded than "fuck-me shoes", but a lot funnier.

1/15/2006 05:15:00 am  
Anonymous Chameleon said...

For the third day running no British newspapers have been delivered to the newsagents' - gah! I mean I realise I am not missing anything, but I would like to peruse it for later use. And yes, it is an insult to our intelligence that we are assumed to find body hair more interesting than say combating FGM. The inimitable Twisty packs the killer punch :)

1/15/2006 08:13:00 pm  

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