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Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday dog blogging

Well, I've been fairly restrained on this, but a couple of park pics don't seem unreasonable.

I've cause to thank Henry VIII as we stroll each morning in Regent's Park, for in 1539, despite already having the hunting grounds of St James's Park and Nonsuch Palace, he acquired pieces of the manors of Tyburn and Rugmore, from which he made Marylebone Park.

Champ would rather like to do a bit of hunting - of squirrels mainly, and the odd cat, so he hasn't come off the lead in the park yet. (And probably won't for some time, for while he understands recall, getting his attention isn't easy.)

But he is very civilised on the lead - only C-A-T-S cause him to pull. Squirrels just produce a polite little dance of excitement.


Blogger Badaunt said...

He's a beautiful dog, and I can see why the temptation is hard to resist.

(And I'm sure nobody will mind if you get tired of resisting now and again.)

1/07/2006 05:18:00 pm  
Blogger Susoz said...

He's beautiful!

1/12/2006 12:40:00 am  
Blogger Natalie Bennett said...

Thank you! I too think he's beautiful, but I'm biased!

1/12/2006 12:44:00 am  

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