Philobiblon: The child witch scandal

Friday, January 13, 2006

The child witch scandal

A story that deserves to be broadcast to the rooftops - and with it demands for action to prevent this religious abuse - the children who are being labelled "witches", in the Congo and surrounding states. They face physical abuse, and even murder.

"The pastor of a London-based African church has been arrested on suspicion of child cruelty after claims that he had been branding children as witches and ordering that they be sent back to Africa where he would pray for them to die.
...The children of up to ten families are alleged to have been affected at the church, one of more than a hundred Congolese churches in and around the capital. In one example, the BBC reported, a father branded his nine-year-old son with a steam iron. A former church elder told Stickler that he was present when the boy was said to be possessed with evil spirits and alleged that Mr Tukala told the parents to beat him until he confessed to being a witch."

Of course this is a symptom of a society in the Congo that is in severe distress - and that is an international disgrace - but in the meantime everything possible should be done to fight against these churches.


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