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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Self-promotion: go on, why not?

Tim Worstall has today posted a graceful response to my, and others' criticism of the small number of female bloggers represented in his book of the British blogosphere's year.

And he does have a point. He drew heavily on his weekly Britblog roundup, and women are only very lightly represented there.

There does seem to be a problem, I'd say, speaking as someone keen to promote women bloggers, that they are not always doing much to promote themselves. I'm not sure why this is - is it that women are not in general encouraged by society to put themselves forward? is it that they are afraid of attracting "the wrong sort" of attention? I'd be interested in thoughts on this.

But go on, DON'T BE SHY - nominate yourself, or a female blogger you know. This is the best posts of the British blogosphere (i.e. either blogging Britons, or people blogging in Britain) of the past week.

To quote Tim:

You can do so by simply emailing the URL to britblog AT gmail DOT com. If there is a 2006 version some of the research will come from there, naturally. But it would also be wonderful if more people would nominate posts, most especially from those areas of blogging that don’t normally get a look in. Yes, personal blogs, LGBT, women writers, different political persuasions and all. The entire aim and purpose of it is to do precisely this, to get us reading out of our little groupthink bubbles.


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