Philobiblon: Many a town planners' Waterloo

Friday, December 09, 2005

Many a town planners' Waterloo

London's answer to the Arc de Triomphe, the outside entrance to Buckingham Palace, a source of controversy and scandal - all of those are or have been among the roles of Wellington Arch (also known as Constitution Arch), which stands today at an odd angle opposite Apsley House, amidst a raceway of roads. (Something for London's mayor Ken Livingstone to sort out soon, you'd have to hope.)

So is it worth the £3 entry fee (or less with a combined ticket for Apsley House)? I'd say it was. There's a lovely view from its balcony of the surrounding area - down to the House of Commons and the London Eye, up to the green stretchs of Hyde Park, and a close-up view of the bronze quadriga (four-horse chariot), which was lovingly crafted by a man with a detailed knowledge of equine anatomy. READ MORE


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