Philobiblon: Friday Femmes Fatales No 37

Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday Femmes Fatales No 37

Ten new (to me) female bloggers, ten top posts, on my way to 400. It answers the question: where are all the female bloggers?

To begin with the seasonal, a Christmas story from Tayari Jones and L on Random_Thoughts says angrily the war on Christmas must end. Remember: Jesus will hate you if you take your lights down, ever.

Then Becca on Not Quite Sure offers advice for parents on surviving the Christmas concert.

In India, the Blank Noise Project is collecting information on "Eve-teasing" - harassment of women in public - and campaigning against those who would blame the victims. Jasmeen reports on a university's skewed view. And the blogosphere is far from free of such behaviour.
The Fat Lady Sings finds misogyny at its finest in comments on posts about violence against women.

SexPosFemme is angered by an article about black women's sexuality.

Maryscott on My Left Wing solidarity with striking transit workers.

Girlbomb - whose book is out in the new year - check out the link on the left of her blog - has a brief foretaste of fame. If you'd like to range further afield for reading material, the Accidental Blogger offers a South Asian reading list.

Femme Feral (love the name) on Fluffy Dollars finds a good skirt is hard to find. Capitalist fashion strikes again.


You can find the last edition of Femmes Fatales here.

Nominations (including self-nominations) for Femmes Fatales are also hugely welcome - I'll probably get to you eventually anyway, but why not hurry along the process?


Blogger KCB said...

I love looking over your lists. Have you seen Laura Quilter's blog, Derivative Work? I just found it myself and am enjoying it. I especially like her fisking of the Dover intelligent-design decision.

12/23/2005 10:14:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a link to the Christmas story?

12/24/2005 03:47:00 am  
Blogger Natalie Bennett said...

The Christmas link seems to work now ....

12/24/2005 01:07:00 pm  

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