Philobiblon: Chinese girls and the Pill

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chinese girls and the Pill

China is strengthening penalties for those involved in the abortion of female foetuses. With the ratio of males to females 119-100, it seems to me this won't be enough. More needs to be done about ensuring girls are valued, although I suppose eventually the value of shortage will take care of that.

Taking the Pill may greatly reduce the risk of MS. There are undoubtedly both health advantages and disadvantages about the Pill. I'm suspicious of those who make great fuss about disadvantages, as there's often some moralistic agenda behind it: women controlling their own bodies - terrible, unnatural!

I was sold some years ago on the theory that to have 12 periods a year, year after year, is entirely "unnatural", so changing that, by taking Pill packets three at a time, is actually taking your body back closer to what countless generations have experienced before us. Also has the great virtue of convenience!

Finally, surprise surprise "Make Poverty History" has done nothing of the sort. You'll see in the sidebar one of the charities that I support - Ethiopiaid and particularly its Fistula Hospital - and I wanted to note that Tim Worstall is using "Mr Google" to raise money for it.


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