Philobiblon: The Second Carnival of Feminists

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Second Carnival of Feminists


Drumroll ... the second Carnival of Feminists is now up on Personal Political. And a very fine job it is too.

It ranges around the world, around the issues, and around the realities of women's lives, from acid attacks in Bangladesh, to a female basketballer "coming out" in the US, to the history of waitressing. Something for everyone.

Please check it out, and remember that the next one is in two weeks' time. So get that killer post you've been planning to put together out soon!

And if you missed the first carnival, it is here.

(Carnival No 3 will be on Sour Duck - email submissions to duck.sour (at) gmail (dot) com.)

And remember to find out what is happening at any time, check out the Carnival of Feminists home page.


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