Philobiblon: The fates will have their little laughs

Friday, November 18, 2005

The fates will have their little laughs

As I was leaving the Independent I posted out an advert with my farewell message, saying the subjects I was particularly interested in writing about. One of them was "being a single woman - and happy about it". I called myself the "anti-Bridget Jones", but I added, I wasn't interested in writing a sex column.

So what has my first job been as a freelance journalist in London? Appearing tonight on the BBC World Service's World Have Your Say to talk about it, you guessed it, sex - or at least about Heidi Fleiss's plans for brothels catering to women.

I also ended up talking about Roy Keane leaving United, and the issue of freedom on the internet.

You can listen to the hour-long programme on the website, through the link above. (It does have some interesting stuff - and no I'm not necessarily biased.)

The sound on my computer has never worked - it has been on my list of things to try to sort out one of these days, but perhaps it is a good job I haven't. I fear listening to yourself is likely to be as uncomfortable as staring closely at pictures of yourself, as I was doing yesterday.


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