Philobiblon: Cycling in London: it is getting better

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cycling in London: it is getting better

Having survived the weekend cycling adventure without the knees falling apart (at least entirely) today managed to cycle to Old Street and back, and play squash in between.

That left me musing at how - despite false starts and occasional disasters - (trying to follow route signs on the ground is definitely NOT recommended) cycle routes in London are improving. Knowing the route and the areas pretty well, I could avoid - except for a slightly hairy run along Clerkenwell Road - busy roads, and frequently have my own dedicated, separated from the road, route.

I was also checking out the Transport for London route planner, and found that it has a dedicated cycle option. I'm not sure that I always agree with its suggestions - it seems to go for the direct route sometimes, rather than seeking out the quieter routes - but it certainly offers a place to start when you're not sure of a route.

(It also covers Tube, bus and train travel.)


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