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Monday, November 07, 2005

Carnivalesque has gone home ...

And it is a rousing edition on Early Modern Notes, the blog of the founder, Sharon Howard. Don't miss it.

If you haven't come across it before, this is a blog carnival alternating between the early modern and ancient/medieval periods, but it is by no means just for specialists.

For example, this one has a special, timely collection on Guy Fawkes' Night, also exploring issues of modern religious prejudice, and a summary of the rather heated blogosphere debate about our current understanding - feminist and otherwise - of the persecution of witches in Europe. (On which I also made a small post.)

While I'm on the subject of carnivals, Tim Worstall's weekly Britblog roundup seems to have a particularly good crop this edition. Now if you're on my blogroll and you're surprised to find yourself there, you can probably blame me - but go on, nominate yourself next week ... (He doesn't bite, and is friendly even if you don't belong on the same place in the political spectrum as him.)

You might have noticed the Amazon advert for his soon-to-be-out blog compilation in my sidebar; a perfect gift for those who keep asking: "What is this blogging business anyway?" (And no I'm not in on the profits, although I do believe I have a small entry.)


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