Philobiblon: Carnival of Feminists No 4 is approaching fast

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Carnival of Feminists No 4 is approaching fast

It will be on The Happy Feminist on December 7 - deadline for submissions is December 5.

And due to popular request a theme - or suggestion for posting topic - is added:

This theme is optional, and I fully intend to include a variety of posts that do not relate to this theme. If you have already submitted a post to me, there is no need to submit a new post.

What I am most interested in hearing about is how you first came to identify yourself as a feminist. What made you adopt that designation for yourself? Was it a slow process or a Eureka moment? When did you realize that you were a feminist? I am especially interested in hearing from people who grew up in communities where feminism was a rarity.

See the full call here or send submissions direct to veryhappyfeminist AT yahoo DOT com.


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