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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Call for Submissions: Feminist Carnival No 3

The next call for submissions is up on Sour Duck, and it is for something a bit special and different.

There's a theme: 1970s feminist thought. However, this won't be a nostalgic look at "second-wave feminism". Oh no. I'm looking for pieces that engage with the themes and ideas of 1970s feminism, while applying them to current events, or looking to the future.
You might say it's a "1970s into 2000" Feminist Carnival issue.
Examples of topics to consider:
women and men in the workplace (e.g., creating an even playing field, and equal pay for equal work)
reproductive freedom (with the advent of "the pill") & sexual liberation ("sex is fun!")
healthcare reform (1970s feminists took on the medical establishment and effected significant change. What else needs to be changed? Can 1970s tactics prove effective again?)
Those are just a few ideas to get you started. What I'm looking for is engagement with that era's feminist thought.
And while I'm looking for substance, please don't feel you need to be some sort of an expert on 1970s feminism. Just write from the heart.

Sour Duck lists some of her favourite links for thinking about the Seventies, to encourage you in this direction, but if you've got a post on a different topic, don't despair, there'll also be a "more general "Editor's Feminist Cafeteria" section, serving a buffet of feminist posts unrelated to the set topic".

Nominations go to: duck DOT sour AT gmail DOT com

(And there's 11 "sleeps" to go before it is posted, as your mother used to tell you about Christmas ...)

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