Philobiblon: Britblog Roundup Comes Visiting

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Britblog Roundup Comes Visiting

A special, one-week-only event: the Britblog Roundup will be visiting Philobiblon on Sunday. If you've seen any of the other carnivals here you'll get the general idea: the best of the blogosphere - in this case the blogophere written by Britons or Irishmen or women, or bloggers living in Britain or Ireland - collected in one post.

So nominate early, nominate often, to the usual address: britblog AT gmail DOT com. (But only one post from each blog please - either your own or other great posts you've read.)

I'll follow Tim in closing the nominations at midday on Sunday. Posts should have been in the week before that, but since this is a special case, perhaps reaching different corners of the blogosphere - I'll stretch that rule back a couple of days for blogs that haven't previously been on the roundup.

You'll find the last two weeks' here and here.

And if you'd rather read the book of the roundup (out now - although my copy hasn't arrived yet; you'll see the review when it does) - the Amazon UK link is in my sidebar. (Sorry American cousins, you'll have to import it from there.)


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