Philobiblon: Some things are beyond parody

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Some things are beyond parody

From tomorrow's Sydney Morning Herald Spike column

A planned New Zealand flick about genetically modified sheep that turn into crazed killers has finally got the go-ahead to start filming. Financed by a South Korean company, Black Sheep will be made in Wellington next year, using some of the technical staff who worked on the special effects for The Lord of the Rings' trilogy.

"We are confident that this original and highly entertaining project presents the perfect opportunity for us to work with this highly regarded Korean investor," a spokeswoman for Park Road Post, the film's New Zealand funding partner schmoozed in Seoul yesterday.

The story will play on the fears of a nation where sheep, waiting quietly in their paddocks, outnumber humans by 10 to one.

(No it isn't April 1, I checked.)

And I do have a nasty scar on my arm from when a wether (castrated male sheep) tried to leap past me in a race and managed to run his miserable little horn through my flesh quite effectively. Be afraid - be very afraid ....


Blogger la peregrina said...

I'd go see that....



I wouldn't.

10/13/2005 09:52:00 pm  

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