Philobiblon: Revolutionary derring-do

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Revolutionary derring-do

Miss Williams Wynn has some lovely tales of revolutionary narrow escapes and poignant tragedy in today's diary entry. I particularly liked her image of the pathetic, poor aritocratic emigrée in London:

In 1814 I saw Madame de Sirent, a little hump-backed old woman, a stray lady of the bed chamber to the Duchesse d'Angouleme, at the reception or sad mock drawing-room, which she held in South Audley Street, in a small two-roomed house which the Comte d'Artois had hired. A few days after they departed for Paris.

(As you'd expect, Miss Williams Wynn is distinctly on the side of the aristos.)

But if you'd prefer a bit of action, check out today's full post. It is long and has lots of French in it (but still easily comprehensible). If I get time later tonight I'll attempt to add a translation in the comments and to find out a bit more about the Sirents.


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