Philobiblon: The joys of XTML, CSS et. al.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The joys of XTML, CSS et. al.

I was just pointed to a potentially very useful resource, the Yale web style guide.

It is of particular relevance to me since my Sunday-Monday project (among others) is to revamp my now very tired-looking personal website, build a professional one as my "advertising card" for freelance life, and possibly also get up and running another little semi-commercial idea I have. (Yes, I am being unrealistic about timeframes.)

But I wondered if anyone out there has an advice on purchasing domain names (does it matter who) and possibly (for the last site anyway) web hosting? (All help gratefully received.)

Also, if anyone can particularly recommend a site for free web templates - I've got a couple in mind but haven't yet tried them out, I'd also be most grateful for suggestions.

A guide to my abilities: I'm not a techie, but I can sort-of pretend to be one when I really have to.


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