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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I need ... a bit of fun

Via Pen-Elayne, a fun, quick meme.

Put your first name, followed by "needs" into a Google search.


Natalie needs ...

"... a nightie" (No, can't see the point.)
"... to use a stronger body action in her Samba & Rumba." (Very probably.)
"...a guy with a big personality who can impresses her." (Sounds like an egotist to me.)
"... to lighten up." (Has been said before)
"... to hit the road." (Well in a metaphorical sense, yes.)
"... to cut loose again!!" (Sounds good.)
"... watering if you want her to grow." (Curious, but I suppose true - body 90 per cent water and all of that.)
"... to get back something of the "maniac"." (Probably got enough already.)

Well, I had fun anyway ...


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