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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Changing media

Interesting new use for a blog: direct reports from a union picket line. (Found via an Alternet story.)

Still in media, Alastair Campbell, Blair's ex-spin doctor, is to take over the news for a week. Talk about poacher turned game-keeper. Still, two interesting women, an athlete, Dame Kelly Holmes, and the singer Ms Dynamite, are also going to get a go. Newspapers are increasingly having to focus on celebrities - interesting television is going the same way.

Finally, in a small sign of the sort of complications that will arise as this increasingly becomes "one world", gmail is going to have to become googlemail for new addresses in the UK, because someone already claims the name.

When you think about it, it is amazing this worldwide network doesn't have more of these sorts of clashes. I've just bought a domain name for what will be my professional site, (yes, not very imaginative, but easy to remember) and the whole process was remarkably simple. (At the moment I've still got it directed to my personal site.) And I couldn't get .com as well, which I probably would have done, because it has already been taken by a three-year-old in America.


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