Philobiblon: I Love Tracey Emin

Friday, September 16, 2005

I Love Tracey Emin

The best thing in The Independent most weeks is Travey Emin's "My Life in a Column". Gloriously irrerevent, utterly unashamed and open, there's nothing quite like it. Women traditionally don't write like this:

"It's like wishing your arse smelt of lemon, imagine what lemons would smell like."

(And yes that should be a semi-colon, but still ...)

Unfortunately she's on a subscription system, but you can read the first part of this week's column here.

And if you have somehow managed to avoid her story - it is true she is a media tart of an artist - there's an outline of her career and lots of links here. (And the best of her art is also brilliant.)


Anonymous Andrew said...

After hearing about her only as "That modern artist who did the manky bed thing" I was surprised to see how witting and entertaining she was as a guest on BBC2 comedy shows. She did seem a bit conceited about her artistic fame at times on Room 101, but it was never clear to me whether that was just self-mockery.

10/10/2005 02:02:00 pm  

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