Philobiblon: Testing, to destruction?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Testing, to destruction?

Well today I tested out, possibly to destruction, the theory of "sweating out" a cold. Having been down with a rotten one for a couple of days, I really wasn't fancying a scheduled cricket game, but since I knew we were already two short I didn't think I really could pull out - nine is almost a team; eight really isn't.

So I trotted along, and wasn't altogether surprised to be asked to keep wicket. Well, I told myself, at least I won't have to run - just leap up and down and around hundreds of times ....

But in cricketing terms it worked quite well. I was pretty chuffed with how I kept, to one serious quickie and a couple of sometimes wayward medium pacers.

And then happily I didn't (quite) have to bat as we astonishingly - with the help of a magnificent century - managed to successfully chase a total of 251 in 32 overs.

And I didn't even get a lot of bruises ...

It was only the third time I've kept since taking it up again after an 18-year hiatus, and I think I have to thank cycling for the fact that I survived the experience - without the underlying level of fitness it has given me I would never have made it.

And feeling rotten might have even helped in an odd way - it took some of the pressure off feeling like I have to succeed amid an otherwise all-male team.

But as for the sweating-out theory, we'll see. I'm off to bed for a long sleep ... I may be some time.


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