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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

History carnival, there and here

Thanks to Willisms, host of History Carnival No 13, who's made my hit counter go suddenly bananas with not just one but two mentions. I only nominated myself once, honest! (The second one is the hominid post, if you were wondering.)

And I have to say that I was going by the rules, since I'll be hosting the next carnival on August 15. Willisms has done a great job, which I'm going to have to try to live up to, so: Roll up, roll up, nominate early, nominate often. Don't be shy - nominate yourself and nominate your friends, and particularly any post on history that's off the usual trails.

You can drop a line in the comments here, or by email to natalieben (at) journ (dot) Please put history carnival or similar in the subject line - I'm on far too many email lists.


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