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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cycle helmets: wear 'em

It is a frequently angry, everlasting debate among cyclists: helmets or no helmets?

I'm in one of the extreme groups: I won't go out without one.

Partly that's a function of coming from Australia, where they are compulsory, and partly it is because I think for the small amount of inconvenience involved you could save your brains. (And I don't go for the argument that it makes either you or motorists more careless - I know I'm still extremely vulnerable, and I doubt most drivers are paying enough attention to notice.)

This scary tale posted by a doctor backs me up, and shows that it is not just the motorists you have to worry about.


Blogger Susoz said...

I always wear a helmet too. The one time I was knocked off my bike (in London) I was so glad to be wearing it - I landed backwards and my head bounced on the road. My helmet split at the bottom. My head was fine. I would have been cactus without it. That bounce was a sickening sensation.

8/19/2005 02:51:00 am  

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