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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday donkey bloggging

Since I've finally got my scanner working again after the move (and I hope the printer, although I haven't been game to try that yet), and having just stumbled across more Aleppo pictures (an earlier set was posted here and here), I thought I'd share some of my pics from the wonderful bazaar in the city. (And that adjective is being applied by a person who hates "normal" shopping.)

But shopping in London is never like this ....

It was in a shop like the last that I bought one of my favourite pieces of jewelry, a necklace containing an Australian 50 cent coin of the Queen's silver jubilee (1977). There's nothing special about the coin in Australia - you might easily get it in change some time, but in Aleppo it must have seemed something special, and was set in a very fancy silver setting, with a heavy chain. I had to bargain very hard indeed to get it down to a price I was prepared to pay.

* This is also the first time I've used the new Blogger photo tool. I'd appreciate a quick note on how this displays on your browser.

NB: If you are thinking of using these, or any other pictures on the site, please note the terms of the Creative Commons Licence, at the bottom of the blogroll.


Anonymous She-eep said...

I too hate shopping. I find shoes are the worst necessity to shop for while everyday food is both the easiest and the most rewarding.

Your photos displayed perfectly on my mac safari browser (code similar to netscape).

7/18/2005 10:43:00 am  
Blogger Natalie Bennett said...

Thanks She-eep. Glad to know it works.

My recommendation for shoe shopping: E-bay. In fact I'm wearing a new pair of trainers that I bought for a fiver that arrived this morning.

You just have to know which brands and shapes work for you, and off you go.

As for food, I do that on the internet too - an organic delivery company once a week and every month or so from a supermarket for the big stuff.

7/18/2005 02:12:00 pm  

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