Philobiblon: Net nuggets No 12

Monday, July 11, 2005

Net nuggets No 12

* I've been remiss in neglecting to point to the latest Carnivalesque (a collection of posts on early modern history). I particularly liked the early sexual harassment case", which perhaps unsurprisingly saw the "victim" transported to Australia, but check it out - the range is so broad you're almost bound to find something in your range of interests.

* Seeking inspiration for a radical career change? Here it is.

* Bloggers and professional journalists co-operating? Surely not. The Washington Post sees a new trend in the role of "citizen journalism" in the London bombings.

* You'll remember the huge health scare about hormone-replacement therapy. But a high percentage of women, for good reasons, are going back on the treatment, and there were anyway flaws in the study. A sensible report on the issue here

* Item No. 3,254 to add to my two read list, The Wilder Shores of Love, by Lesley Blanch - not some bodice-ripper, but an account of four 19th-century women travellers by the delightfully adventurous writer and journalist Lesley Blanch, who's still going strong at the age of 101. There was an excellent article in the Guardian review.

* Echidne of the Snakes has an interesting theory on why small numbers of women can appear to assume prominence well beyond their numbers in otherwise male-dominated areas of society.


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