Philobiblon: Net nuggets No 10

Friday, July 01, 2005

Net nuggets No 10

* The British Library believes that by 2020, 90 per cent of publications will be available digitally, and only 50 per cent in print. That's a very different world and, I think, an exciting one. (It made me think of the first time I found an academic journal on a CD - you could search the whole text, for any word: it was astounding, and yes I know I'm dating myself!)

I was reading somewhere about people who have two (or more) computers running on their desk at the one time. I've done it a few times at work when things were really desperate, and I'm starting to think that would be very handy at home. (Luxury, yes, but it would I think improve your productivity. I know you can flick between screens with one computer, but it is not quite the same as looking at things in parallel.)

* This sounds, to this militarily inexpert view, a very informative analysis of the increasing sophistication of the Iraq insurgency by The Yorkshire Ranter. Then this Salon piece confirms the impression of increasing sophistication of the insurgency, in its account of the attack that filled three female Marines. Its analysis of the role of women in the US military in Iraq is hardly deep, but I thought one quote from a male marine aged 20 on his third tour of duty is interesting in suggesting genuine grass-roots acceptance of the women's involvement in the front line.

More on the technological notes: I see that Salon is providing Technorati links to blogs that are linking to its articles: now that's what I call convergence.

* Japundit is exploring the (contradictory) accounts of the past of female sumo wrestling, and plans for its revival. (Via the excellent new History Carnvial XI on Siris.)

* The Telegraph reviews what sounds like two fascinating books on the fall of the Roman Empire. I'm particularly taken with the exploration of what happened after The End.

PS. I have to add, you REALLY don't miss this commentary on Ascot hats. If you don't laugh, you should check to see if you have a pulse.


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