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Monday, June 27, 2005

Taking a small bow ...

... I note that my Emily Hahn review has been chosen as a Blogcritics pick of the week. (Thanks Pat.)

This brings me to muse on another point - a discussion on Blogcritics about my Femme Fatales produced the statistic (which I can't vouch for) that there are only seven women posting there (and many, many more men).

As the name suggests, it is primarily but not exclusively, a site to post reviews. (There are also "culture" and "politics" sections on which you can post just about anything.)

You are welcome simply to cross-post items from your own blog, and it is a great way for increasing traffic and your personal web of contacts. (For example posts appear on Google News.) But you don't have to post everything on your blog; I tend to post mostly reviews, and not more personally centred stuff.

The reviews tend to be of fairly popular items, but I've had a good reaction to posts on academic books covering topics of general interest. (And there is also an email list through which you can ask for free review items.)

So if you even occasionally review books/films/music etc, or you would like your political or cultural musings to have a wider audience, why not join? - particularly if you can help to redress the gender imbalance! (More here.)


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