Philobiblon: Friday femmes fatales No 7

Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday femmes fatales No 7

Where are all the female bloggers? HERE, in my weekly top ten.

First, an unmissable if only irregularly updated blog, abortion clinic days, explains why one woman might be forced by circumstances into multiple abortions, being unable to find a workable method of birth control.

On a related topic, Brutal Woman, about her experience of getting an IUD fitted. (I did say I wouldn't mention any blogger more than once in the first ten weeks, but I think this post contains information all women should know. And don't miss the comments for further enlightenment.)

If you're looking for an entirely different form of contraceptive, you might want to read on Confessions of a Drama Mother about the difficulties of getting a child to play by herself. But beware abortion, at least if you are a character in a television drama, Cool Bean warns.

Finally on this topic, if you're feeling too depressed at this point, check out What was I thinking? for her "good gynaecologist" story.

Now, steering away from "women's stuff" ...

On reappropriate, "an angry little Asian girl" tries to reclaim the swastika for what it is, "an ancient icon in Buddhism". Eurocentrism means, she says, "for Asians in America like myself and my sister, that piece of our culture has been lost, probably for good". Meanwhile Reclaiming Medusa is finding that while a missing church-going white woman in America is big news, murdered Afghan activists are not.

I won't call it a meme, but J&J's Mum is listing those things she simultaneously loves and hates and others might like to follow suit. Many mothers - and others - might I suspect agree with some of her choices. I particularly sympathised with walking the dog after it has rained.

Music is my cultural blindspot - it all sounds like noise to me - but Joan Hunt, posting on Blogcritics about the
Adams Avenue Roots Festival might almost make me change my mind.

And finally, I feel like I should have a post on the British election, since it has consumed so many of my hours in the past week, but I don't really know any female bloggers who regularly post on British party politics, so I'm going to point to a modest little effort of my own, in which I made a reasonably accurate prediction of the result, and suggested sweeping constitutional reforms that would make it all much more interesting.

(Nominations for next week on this topic, when the dust has settled, will be particularly welcome. Other suggestions - including posts of your own! - are also greatly in demand.)


Anonymous Chameleon said...

I am loath to write on politics on my bog, partly because it is not part of the mission statement, partly because working in the (disillusioning) environment I do I have had a bellyful of politics. Your prediction was indeed admirably accurate. What worried me was the result that allowed the candidate Peter Law to triumph on a clearly misogynistic platform - I would welcome an article from you on that! Since it is one of my ambitions to be included on the Femmes fatales list, I will soon be immodest enough to nominate an article I have been writing for The Hathor Legacy/Redemption Blues on women in James Cameron's sci-fi (not quite ready yet). The Hathor Legacy ( deserves to be more widely read by feminists (see I am not quite shameless enough merely to plug myself!).

5/06/2005 11:12:00 am  
Anonymous Carrie said...

Thanks for the special honor. I really appreciate it, since I am new to the blog world. It means a lot!

5/07/2005 03:44:00 am  
Blogger Badaunt said...

The swastika is still used in Japan without the associations. When I was first here I was shocked when I bought a tourist map and there were little swastikas all over the place. I asked someone what it was all about, and they denoted TEMPLES. That was when I found out the original meaning.

I'd had no idea, and that doesn't seem right.

5/08/2005 04:29:00 am  
Blogger Jenn said...

hey, i only just realized i had been linked here... thanks for the quick spotlight.

badaunt, that is precisely the unconscious mindset that i think hurts us. i don't think you should feel bad about not knowing the true meaning of the swastika, i think it's important to realize that the swastika still retains that meaning along with the negative connotations from its appropriation by nazis.

6/23/2005 04:35:00 am  

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