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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ticketing 4WDs

ticket, originally uploaded by natalieben.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I'm a cyclist. One of the banes of my existence is ridiculously large vehicles, particularly 4WDs. (SUVs in American parlance.)

Many of their drivers seem utterly unaware of the poor visibility of these hulks, or indeed even of their real size - near had my shoulder taken off by a Hummer - yes a HUMMER! -- in central London in the early hours of one morning.

But now I'm fighting back!

Above is a "parking ticket", to be put on 4WDs - and I'll be out on the prowl soon ...

You can get your own copies from Alliance Against Urban Four x Fours.

There's more good news on other fronts. In Sydney, a local council will charge more for parking 4WDs.

For a further take on the issue, the Sydney Morning Herald's Spike column is running a series of reader comments. The best I've seen:

"Bill Rayner - after noting that a 2.6-tonne 4WD travelling at the speed limit has the same momentum as a 1.3-tonne sedan travelling twice as fast - had a question: 'If a LandCruiser doing 70 kmh in a 60 zone can do the same damage as a mid-sized car going 140, why isn't [the driver] thrown in jail for it?'"

And you don't want to think about the damage it would do to a cyclist. Susoz pointed out in the comments on my last post on cycling that the home page of the lovely funny article to which I pointed explains that the author had been killed by a drunk driver. As she says, it does make your blood run cold. Then again even if you are in a steel-sided vehicle it may well not offer much protection in those sort of circumstances.


Blogger Amerikat said...

My cow of a mother-in-law drives a 4x4. She uses it for school runs and driving to work. I think she once said that she also carts bales of hay to the stables, but I've never seen her actually do it. Plus she flips out if there's so much as a speck of dirt on the damn thing.

2/15/2005 01:36:00 pm  
Anonymous Lynn said...

I'm usually contemptuous of SUV bashing but I have to admit that I can't imagine why anyone would need a Hummer in London or any other large city.

2/15/2005 02:47:00 pm  
Blogger Helen said...

I saw those tickets on a documentary about SUVs in America. It's a good idea but would photographs of flooded villages hit home better?

2/15/2005 04:42:00 pm  
Blogger Rob said...

Did you see Ed's good post about this on his blog? Has some nice links.

2/15/2005 04:59:00 pm  

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