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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Roll up, roll up ....

The next Carnivalesque will be here, on Wednesday 2 March. But I need your help ...

Submissions of blog posts on any early modern history subject under the sun should be sent to natalieben at as soon as possible. Don't be shy - please nominate the favourites on your own blog, but also particularly any that you've come across off the routes of previous carnivals.

And if you're thinking "Carnivalesque?", there's an explanation of this gathering of early modernists here.

If you've inexplicably missed out on the experience, visit Carnivalesque No 1, on the blog of the founder and carnival mistress extraordinaire Sharon, and then No 2.

For these purposes "early modern" is defined as covering the period between c.1450-1850. If you've just put up or read a brilliant post that doesn't fit that criteria, well then why not send it to the next History Carnival, for which the deadline is February 25. Details here.

Remember Mademoiselle Rose Bertin (milliner to Marie Antoinette): "There is nothing new except what is forgotten"


Blogger Helen said...

This is entirely a quote from a book but it might raise a giggle.

2/20/2005 09:54:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey this is yet another carnival that I've never read - i'm looking forward to it! Amazing what comes out of the internet community. Anyway, I resurrected this post since it is the only one that I've written even remotely in that time period. Feel free to discard if inappropriate. Thanks for the mention yesterday as well, glad you weren't offended by the word "thong" as one reader was. we are living in dual times i suppose, victorian and fundamentalist versus roman and atheist!

2/22/2005 04:27:00 am  

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