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Friday, December 03, 2004

Friday cat blogging

egyptiancat, originally uploaded by natalieben.

I'm far more of a dog person than a cat person, but since it is a blog tradition, I thought I'd share this late Egyptian example. (I've misplaced the original image but it was either 24th or 26th dynasty.) This is from the exhibition on which I posted earlier in the week.

Should you prefer the dog option, Barista pointed me to a wonderful OTT dog blogging site here.

Or you can visit the Battersea Dogs' Home rehoming page - as I wistfully do regularly. My Beanie died in February and I'm really ready for another dog, but practical reasons mean I should wait another five months. Should I suddenly start dog blogging in earnest, you'll know, however, that practicality lost.

(So as not to be speciest, I'll also point you to the cats for rehoming. I should also say that the dogs advertised on the site are the most difficult to rehome - you can also get poodles, spaniels, labradors etc there.)


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