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Friday, November 19, 2004

More sources ...

Courtesy of Feministe, the Internet
Women's History Sourcebook

From it, continuing today's Mesopotamian theme, Herodotus on two Babylonian queens:

Many sovereigns have ruled over this city of Babylon, and lent their aid to the building of its walls and the adornment of its temples, of whom I shall make mention in my Assyrian history. Among them two were women. Of these, the earlier, called Semiramis, held the throne five generations before the later princess. She raised certain embankments well worthy of inspection, in the plain near Babylon, to control the river, which, till then, used to overflow, and flood the whole country round about.

I.185: The later of the two queens, whose name was Nitocris, a wiser princess than her predecessor, not only left behind her, as memorials of her occupancy of the throne, the works which I shall presently describe, but also, observing the great power and restless enterprise of the Medes, who had taken so large a number of cities, and among them Nineveh, and expecting to be attacked in her turn, made all possible exertions to increase the defenses of her empire.

Feministe also points to Feminist blogs, a syndicated stream of a number of blogs, inevitably of varying quality and interest, mostly from the US, but there is some good stuff in there,


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