Philobiblon: Just one more post on the election

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Just one more post on the election

... and then I am going to try very hard to forget about it for at least 24 hours. (Tomorrow I'm going to do lots of housekeeping-type stuff, look at a possible flat to buy and then go to a seminar on women and pets 1100-1550, which I hope will be a perfect antidote.)

But, since misery loves company, I was really glad to find lots of other people at work were just as depressed as I was - although we did agree it should sell more (moderately left-wing) newspapers.

What really, really depresses me is not just the return of Bush/Cheney, but the fact that 55 million people, give or take, were imbecilic enough to vote for them.

I'm almost tempted to think that the greenhouse effect this administration will accelerate might be a good thing after all - nature can wipe out all of the Homo sapiens and have another go at producing an intelligent species.

A Leunig cartoon - from another Australian election disaster - found by Barista, pretty well sums it up.


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