Philobiblon: Tamburlaine Must Die

Monday, September 13, 2004

Tamburlaine Must Die

As part of my relaxed cultural weekend, in addition to art and theatre (the "Bollywood" production of Twelfth Night, an excellent idea not as well executed or developed as it might have been but still well worth seeing), I read Louise Welsh's Tamburlaine Must Die, an imagining of Christopher Marlowe's explanation of his own fate at Deptford.

It's had mixed reviews, see a selection here. The language doesn't always seem appropriate, but the pace is brilliant and the mentality of late Elizabethan London seems to me just right: the amorality, the fatalism, and the fervent but unreliable passions. You might ask where I'm getting that sense from and I guess to a large extent Shakespeare: a nice little piece of consilience.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only just read The Cutting Room (fantastic), and Tamburlaine Must Die, despite the mixed reviews, is definitely well up my to read list. But first I've got several books I bought over the weekend and a loan from a friend, and am waiting for Jane Stevenson's _Astraea_ (I've just had no luck finding it in stock in book shops and finally got round to ordering it)... Oh, and must fit in some work somewhere.


9/14/2004 07:37:00 pm  

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