Philobiblon: Isobel's advice

Friday, September 24, 2004

Isobel's advice

... on Things a Woman Wants to Know, No 12 in the Isobel Handbooks, Price One Shilling, perhaps 1930s.

Now get your mind out of the gutter, this boasts a special "illustrated section on The Folding of Serviettes".

Plus: rules for sleeping (p.104)
"There are two rules for sleeping which everybody may adopt without hesitation. First, never let yourself be awakened, but wait until you have slept out your sleep. Second, get up as soon as you are awake. If you follow these two rules the hours of sleep will soon regulate themselves to the requirements of your constitution."

... ahh, if only, I say, speaking as a night-shift worker who sometimes lies in bed in a dozey state trying to work out if I'm supposed to be going to sleep or waking up.

Mind you, I'm not too sure about "Ripe Tomatoes will remove ink stains from white cloth, also stains from the hand." (p. 75)

(Yep, another frivolous purchase on Ebay antiquarian - I must have been trying to avoid something earlier this week.)


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