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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Finally: not just gathering dust

Scribbling woman reports on a new(ish) site, Thesis Canada Portal, where Canadian theses since 1998 can be searched.

Great to see this further step towards a wired world. It always annoyed me as a writer of several theses (no, not a PhD one, not yet anyway) that you did two copies, one of which would rot on your shelf, the other of which would rot on some library stack. And someone else would probably go out and repeat your work all over again in a few years' time, rather than be able to build on it and go forward. (This is why I've posted a couple of pieces of modest original academic research that I've done on my website, plus some UN-related work that I have done)

And I will soon be adding to it with my honours thesis, thanks to a supervisor who deserves a special award, Dr Denis Wright at UNE, who I emailed about something else last week, noting that my thesis wasn't posted because somewhere in moves across three continents the electronic version had gone astray. He almost instantly emailed me back his electronic copy, which was my almost final version; all this 10 years after I graduated!


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