Philobiblon: Whoo-oo Camden Greens in the national media ...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Whoo-oo Camden Greens in the national media ...

Today's Guardian diary:

It comes to something, we think you'll agree, when elections are decided by plastic bags. But such seems to be the case in Camden, where the council's ruling Labour group is so scared of losing overall control in May's poll that it has sent redoubtable ex-leader Dame Jane Roberts (who isn't even standing this time) out to do battle with the Greens in the Ham & High over this important policy issue. Oddly, our old friend Cllr John Thane, who will be hard-pressed to hang on to his Highgate ward, was passed over for the key task of defending the council's outstanding record on reusables, even though he chairs its environment subcommittee. From such seemingly slight and inconsequential scraps of evidence, reader, do we conclude that Labour is bricking it.


Blogger clanger said...

Beware the Spoiler Effect.

First past the post politics has an inherent danger. Any small party that takes enough votes from a larger party, inevitably takes them from the larger party most closely allied with them.

This benefits the larger party least allied to them.

So whilst you might want to become King Makers in a NOC council, you may be too successful.

4/05/2006 11:43:00 pm  

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