Philobiblon: Carnival of Feminists No XI is up ...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Carnival of Feminists No XI is up ...

... and it is, as ever, a spectacular collection. Please help to spread the word...

Among the posts that took my fancy are one about how humour in the form of insults isn't humour at all on (Oddly enough my post on patriarchy over at Blogcritics has been attracting a whole lot of commenters notable for their lack of a sense of humour ...)

There are several enormously powerful posts from America on the threats to the rights to abortion and contraception, while the UK bloggers are focusing on issues of rape and sexual assault.

But the highlight of those I've read so far is that by Mega on Days In a Wanna Be Punk's Life. She addresses a commenter who called her a "female chauvinist" and thanks him for his concern about her underwear and her menstrual status.

But I won't point you to any others - please do go and read a great selection on Angry for a Reason, who has done a great job!


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