Philobiblon: A monumental carnival of history

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A monumental carnival of history

The highly observant will notice a run of "new" listings on my blogroll under history, and those of photographic memory will know this means the new History Carnival, No XXIV is now up on The Elfin Ethicist.

It is another fine crop, of monumental form, so do go and check it out. There is an explanation of why alternatives to AD/BC dating are not "political correctness gone mad", "Ma Hoyt" offering a personal take on what history means, and that Chinese "ancient?" map controversy. (Which has been dominating Asia-L for a very, very long time.) And much, much more ...

Browsing around the blogs that are new to me, I've also learnt what Mucosne habes means. Hint: it is on a Latin list talking about nose-picking. (Which reminds me of the Museum-L list, which has recently been discussing hats for horses (not for riders, but the straw ones seen in tourist photos). But are they really historical?

And this is a suitable point to note that the next History Carnival will be HERE, on February 15. I'll be particularly biased towards posts about women's history - I'm planning a whole section celebrating exciting women of history, so even if you'd not define yourself a "history blogger", I'd invite you to reflect on a woman of the past who inspired you. Tell us about what she did, how she did it, and why you find it inspiring ... or something like that!

But all other topics, controversies and debates will be most welcome. Nominations should be sent to natalieben[at]journ[dot]freeserve[dot]co[dot]uk. There's also a submission form here. I'll take them up to the 14th, but if you come across, or make, a great post, why not send it earlier? (It will make my life easier ...)


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