Philobiblon: Causes for anger, and hope

Friday, October 07, 2005

Causes for anger, and hope

I've written before about the case of Linda Loaiza Lopez, who was abducted and held, tortured, raped and abused for FOUR MONTHS in Venezuala. The good news is that, despite the high connections of the alleged attacker - "The first trial was postponed by the justice system 29 times. Fifty nine judges have declined to hear the case" - a new trial is due to start on Monday.

Meanwhile, Barbara Ehrenreich (PDF) - I rave about one of her books here - has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and is finding the whole breast cancer "industry" worrying, from pink teddy-bears to the provision of crayons in a "care pack" for "expressing your feelings". She says:

"The infantilizing trope is perplexing. Certainly men diagnosed with prostrate cancer do not receive gifts of Matchbox cars."

The article looks back to the Seventies, when feminist activisim helped to stop some radical, crippling treatments, and expresses fears today that the hugh corporate involvement in the "industry" could be harming understanding of the disease - particularly the place of environmental carcinogens in causing it.

"Breast cancer would hardly be the darling of corporate America if its complexion changed from pink to green. ...

The one great truth I bring out of the breast-cancer experience, which did not, I can now report, did not make me prettier or stronger, more feminine or spiritual -- only more deeply angry."

Definitely worth reading.


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